Scheduling with A Side Hustle

Working a full time job and a part time job/ side hustle is a LOT of work. So much so that it’s like burning a candle from both ends – and ultimately, that level of stress will burn YOU out. So how do I manage several side gigs, a blog, and my day job (which is forcing me to take on new levels of new skills!)? By being one badass b*tch with my time. Check out these 7 tips to juggle your way through more than one job.

1. Make Priorities: Know what you absolutely must do to keep yourself a high functioning kick-ass machine! For me, that means at least six hours of sleep (non-negotiable), healthy eating (all hail to the gods of the slow cooker), and appropriate fun time. Think of these like your cost-o-living expenses when you write out your budget: Total Essentials.


2.Daily Plan: No, you don’t have to color-code or organize to the DNA level, but you should know what your top three things to do are for the 1) day  2) week and 3) month. Your daily goals should work to get you to your weekly goals, and your weekly goals should get you to your monthly goals. Makes sense, yes? Start small and figure out the three things that you have to get done before you call it quits today.

3. Use blocks of time effectively: The ‘time chunk’ trick is one of my personal favorites – block off the next thirty minutes to work on ONE of your items from #2 above. Force yourself to focus on solely that goal for thirty minutes. Even if you don’t finish, you can then take a ten minute break, send an email, get a coffee, stretch, and then set your timer for another bout. It’s AMAZING what you can get accomplished when you use focused time chunks to your advantage!


4. Identify your time-wasters: Start small on this one and go with the obvious time wasters (facebook, pinterest, your email account). Restrict your time on those pesky things that sap your time and valuable energy. Give yourself five minutes on them as a reward for an hour’s worth of focusing (see #3). When that happens, move to the next level, and suss out the EMOTION wasters…

5. Identify your Emotion-wasters: Look, if you’re hustlin’, you ain’t got the time for drama, and you ain’t got the time for every little “emergency” that comes your way. Plus, emotion-wasters tend to drain you even more than two hours pinning cute outfits or recipes to try. Just me? These ARE difficult to identify, and they will be borderline PAINFUL to eliminate. We’re always told that we owe other people our time and attention. But truthfully, you can be polite and courteous without letting someone ruin your time-efficient, super-hustlin’ day!

*example of emotion-wasters: Rambling phone calls with friends that leave you feeling exhausted and miserable; spending your time stressing about laundry and cooking – multitask, people!; listening to your office-mate’s marital problems. Again.*nobodytime

6. Think Ahead: At the end of the day, block off ten minutes to contemplate what went wrong, what went right, and WHY. Reflecting will help you tweak your own processes that much better! Then take ten minutes to think about how you will IMPROVE it all tomorrow. Last but not least, take ten minutes to set yourself up for success by putting your things together for the next day, or writing down your priorities from #2.

7. Find your 80/20: The concept of the 80/20 is AWESOME and SUPER powerful folks! The premise goes like this – If you’re most people (which, of course, you aren’t, because you’re reading my blog!) 80% of your energy is spent on things that only give you 20% of your desired outcome. The goal of understanding 80/20 is to flip the equation; putting in 20% of your time/energy/effort and getting 80% more results. It’s a thinking paradigm that (though ruthless) can be really, really magical in terms of boosting your time efficiency.

What’s your biggest time-waster? Energy waster? How do you combat Side Hustle fatigue?

Oh yeah – I almost forgot! My new website (Miss On The Money) is up, but not quite running – take a look and let me know what you think of the layout, and what your NUMERO UNO struggle with money is!


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